Welcome to the Neighborhood Social Club.

We’ve been neighborly for a good long time.

Join a tradition 127 years in the making.

We and Our Neighbors is a nonprofit social club Cambrian Park neighborhood, focused on assisting our community. Let We and Our Neighbors introduces you to the neighborhood, the lovely ladies who live here, and what makes living here special.

Our neighborhood has certainly changed since 1892, when the wives of local Union District farmers gathered together for a simple afternoon tea on a hot June day. The camaraderie they enjoyed that day sparked an idea. Could they form a club that would meet every third Saturday of the month, so that they could enjoy each other’s company, do good by help others in need, use their minds to pursue cultural and intellectual opportunities, and create recreational opportunities for farm families of the neighborhood?

Mission Statement:

We and Our Neighbors is dedicated to promoting educational and social activities among its members, preserving the historical clubhouse, and supporting worthwhile causes in the neighboring areas as well as the greater community.


Donation checks can be mailed to:
We and Our Neighbors
P.O. Box 54098
San Jose, California 95154
or made via Paypal

Executive Board

Co-Presidents Carol Nielsen and Sherry Burch
1st Vice President, Programs: Vickie Johnson
2nd Vice President, Membership: Carol Piexoto
3rd Vice President, Clubhouse: Libby Stewart
Treasurer: Sue Weitzel
Recording Secretary: Mary Caddell
Corresponding Secretary: Alice Matson
1st Director, Parliamentarian: Jennifer Freitas


Newsletter: Charlotte Taylor
LPD Liaison: Penny Canario
Inspirational Guidance: Carol Miller

Past Presidents:
2018-2019: Jennifer Freitas
2017-2018: Jennifer Freitas
2016-2017: Vickie Johnson, Carol Nielsen
2012-2016: Carol Miller
2014-2015: Donna D’Arcy
2011-2012: Marty Lux
2007-2011: Charlotte Taylor & Carolyn Newt
2004-2007: Penny Canario
2002-2004: Charlotte Taylor
2000-2002: Jean Slaght
1998-2000: Ramiza Dahlin
1996-1998: Penny Canario
1994-1996: Dorothy Schumacher
1993-1994: Beatrice Mead
1990-1993: Linda Newman