Friends of the Clubhouse.

You are welcome to use vendors of your choosing and below are folks we can recommend.


Cakes, Wedding Cakes, Pastries, & Other Goodies

Jen’s Cakes
(408) 638-5300



Event Liability Insurance

You are required to supply a certificate and endorsement of event insurance, that includes host liquor liability insurance. We can refer you to They are an independent insurance company.

(855) 493-8368

Event insurance must include ‘additional insured’ as below:
We & Our Neighbors, San Jose Clubhouse & Officers, Directors and Members
PO Box 54098
San Jose, CA 95154

Party Rentals

A Party Place

party rentals.png


State Licensed* Bartending Service

The Homestead Catering & Libations

*Required if alcohol is being sold, included in ticket costs, or otherwise being paid for by guests. Event liability insurance must include 'Host Liquor Liability'.